Robby Gilson

Originally from Sonoma, California, Robby studied architecture at Southern California Institute of Architecture. After graduating in 2011, Robby moved back home to the San Francisco Bay. He is currently working under Mark Macy at Macy Architecture, a small firm with a focus on high-density, urban housing and city policy.

His rational approach to structures can be seen throughout his dense, overlapping, fields of line-drawn forms. Rods and shards are woven together to create a mesh that is sometimes sharp and at other times dull, full of congruence and obliquity. Always concerned with boundaries, one of the most important features of his work is how the fields are cropped. Robby finds most of his inspiration in natural and organic materials, often drawing forms which might exist in our macroscopic world, but may also exist in a microcellular, infinitesimal world.